Nur Zafirah Bte Mohd Noor 11 T07

i) What was your take away from each speaker’s sharing? Write it in a sentence for each take away.

A) From Ms Jaslyn’s sharing, I’ve learnt that as a future early childhood educator, I must never give up easily. On top of that, I have to keep upgrading myself for the better, as learning occurs throughout my life, and I should grab all the learning opportunities when given. 

B) From Ms Elaine’s sharing, I’ve learnt that as future early childhood educator, it is necessary for me to spread kindness and love to the children so as to instil good moral values in them. I also have the rights to change the world for the better through the children.

C) From Ms Haseena’s sharing, I’ve learnt that when I start something, I should start from the ground so as to gain the knowledge first, before jumping straight to the harder level. As future educator, I should always be confident, outspoken, unique and have the passion to teach children.
 ii) Select/Draw a picture to illustrate each take away from each speaker’s sharing.
A) http://joshua-graham.com/2014/04/24/never-give-up/

B) http://www.missambre.com/?p=108